Alexandra Furlong

Kennel Technician

Alex has been a kennel technician at Bay Animal Clinic since February of 2015. She previously worked at Loudoun County Animal Shelter in Waterford, VA for six years and has been pet sitting since she was 13 years old. She attended Mary Baldwin College studying theatrical costuming. Alex loves making an animal’s day, whether that be through giving them a bath, feeding them treats, sitting quietly with them, taking them out to chase a ball, or giving them a fluffy towel.

Alex is from Lovettsville, VA. She now lives locally with her husband, Paul. They have two dogs, Scott and Maxie, and two cats, Flynn and Causeway. Alex enjoys sewing, embroidery, making chainmail, knitting, leather working, cooking, ballroom dancing, and reading a good book.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “I watch to much PBS.”
  • 2. “I am an only child.”
  • 3. “I spent a month in London studying Shakespeare and seeing plays.”

Bobby Morris

Kennel Assistant

Bobby has been with Bay Animal Clinic since March of 2013. Bobby started off in our Kennel part-time while he was finishing high school. He currently works full-time as a kennel assistant while he attends Faulkner State. He loves getting to know the animals and spending time with them while you are on vacation.

Bobby is a lifelong Fairhope resident. He enjoys spending time with his parents, older brother and two younger sisters. His family has three pets named, Sandy, Charles, and Brownie. He enjoys writing stories, reading, playing video games, and watching anime/TV shows.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “I love Mythologies.”
  • 2. “I almost had my own novel published.”
  • 3. “I am really into Jazz and Japanese music.”

Iain Patrick

Kennel Technician

Iain Patrick has been a Kennel Technician with Bay Animal Clinic since September of 2015. Iain graduated from Fairhope High School in 2015. He now splits his time between the Kennel and classes at Faulkner State Community College. Iain enjoys seeing all the new animals that come in the Clinic each day.

Iain is a lifelong Fairhope resident. He is the eldest son of his family. Iain has two dogs, Samson and Delilah. He enjoys programming software, cooking and making music.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “I played the trombone throughout high school.”
  • 2. “I once had chickens that laid eggs.”
  • 3. “I have never been to Disney World.”

Ashley Hollinger

Kennel Technician

Ashley has been a kennel technician since June of 2015. She graduated from Fairhope High School in 2016 and is currently a student at Springhill College. Ashley’s favorite thing about Bay Animal Clinic is getting to take care of the animals and showing them attention. She loves to spoil our furry friends with lots of treats & love!

Ashley is from Fairhope where she lives with her family and her dog, Diesel (pitbull/black mouth curr) and her cat, Sushi. Ashley’s hobbies include soccer, dance, and helping others and animals.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “I am going to college to become a paramedic.”
  • 2. “I have grown up taking care of animals.”

Ryan Brooks

Kennel Technician

Ryan came to BAC during the summer of 2016. Wanting to gain experience with animals in a veterinary setting, Ryan joined our kennel technician team part time and stayed busy taking care of our furry guests. He started his college career at Huntingdon College the following year and his availability changed. However, we were very happy that Ryan chose to become a seasonal employee during that transition. He now comes to work with us during his college breaks, usually around holidays, and gets his fix on puppy & kitty love. Ryan says the best part of his job is being able to take care of the pets that come to stay with us, as well as working with great people!

Ryan was born in Lexington, KY. After a couple of moves, he ended up in Daphne, AL with his family & dogs, Tide and Bear. One of Ryan’s passions is wrestling, having competed on teams for several years. In his spare time, Ryan also enjoys hunting and fishing.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “I was born in Lexington, Kentucky.””
  • 2. “I lived in East Peoria, IL.”
  • 3. “ I have visited both Australia and New Zealand.”