Taylor Marquis

Veterinary Assistant

Taylor joined the Bay Animal Clinic team in June 2016. She has been in the veterinary field for several years with experience in every position from kennel assistant to veterinary assistant to reception. Taylor loves to interact with our wonderful clients and give out treats to all of our furry patients!

Taylor is originally from Norman, Oklahoma and has resided in Fairhope for the past 12 years with her family. She says she LOVES the warmth of the South but occasionally misses the snow. Taylor graduated from Daphne High School and is looking forward to enrolling at Faulkner State in the Spring to either pursue a Paramedic degree or the Veterinary Technician program. (We’re secretly voting for Veterinary Technician because Taylor is wonderful with animals!!) Taylor loves to talk about her beautiful horse, Badger and dachshunds, Minnie & Skittles. She also enjoys horseback riding, reading and spending time outdoors.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “My favorite color is blue.”
  • 2. “I’ve ridden horses since the age of 4.”
  • 3. “I have a bone disorder.”

Riley Lindsey

Veterinary Assistant

Riley joined the Bay Animal Clinic crew in June 2016 as a Kennel Technician. Riley was excited to be able to work with animals and says that is the best part of her job! She loves to play with all of our furry friends that come to stay with us, especially in the ball pits. After showing an interest in pursuing a veterinary technician degree, Riley began transitioning to veterinary assistant in the summer of 2017. She is a quick learner and has been able to experience a lot in helping with appointments and surgeries. We are excited to support her in working towards this new goal!

Riley grew up in Daphne and lives with her parents Mark and Stephany, brother Hayden and their dog Rocky. She attended Daphne High School and is now a student at Faulkner State. She enjoys being with animals and spending time with her family and friends.

Random Facts:
  • 1. “My favorite color is pink.”
  • 2. “I used to cheer.”
  • 3. “I LOVE pizza!”

Gay Jesse

Veterinary Assistant

Gay started working at Bay Animal Clinic in June 2017. She has over 6 years of experience as a veterinary assistant working in animal hospitals in Alabama and Arizona. Gay has spent lot of time in emergency medicine and is skilled at critical care. She enjoys being hands on in helping to treat and care for our patients. She is dedicated to educating clients on the best ways possible to care for their pets.

Gay is originally from Mobile. After a few moves across the country, Gay now resides in Magnolia Springs with her husband Bryan. She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren whom she adores. Gay is a self admitted "Foster Failure" with 9 nine dogs: Gizzie, Zoey, Buddy, Momas, Tiny Noodles, Sox, Baby Durl, and Cami Rose. A big passion of Gay's is rescuing and fostering senior dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with family & friends and riding Harleys!

Random Facts:
  • 1. "Senior dogs are my weakness."
  • 2. "I have 2 beautiful granddaughters."
  • 3. "I LOVE to ride Harleys!"

Ben Steadman

Veterinary Assistant

Ben has been with Bay Animal Clinic since December 2016, or as he puts it: "9 glorious months". Ben has a degree in Molecular Biology from Colorado State University and has conducted research in toxicology, wildlife biology and organic chemistry. Ben is very interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and wanted to to gain experience any way possible. He says he thoroughly enjoys working as a veterinary assistant and learning from Dr. Kuhn. He feels the relationships he has built with his coworkers, our clients and patients are very rewarding and invaluable.

After moving to Colorado for school, Ben is back in his hometown of Mobile, AL. He comes from a large family, many of whom live in the Bay area. He has 2 dogs, 2 cats and a tortoise that ran away. His hobbies include mathematics and brunch. Ben loves coffee and Baroque period art. In his spare time, he finds Fyodor Dortoevsky's work very interesting as well.

Random Facts:
  • 1. "I do a great Richard Feynman impression."
  • 2. "I'm told I have surfer hair."
  • 3. "I knit mittens for kittens."