Heartworm Testing

“The cost of prevention is less expensive and more effective than treatment of a condition.” This statement is especially true when considering heartworm preventatives for dogs and cats. Heartworms are a serious and possibly fatal condition caused by parasites which are spread by mosquitoes to both dogs and cats. Heartworms have been diagnosed in all fifty states, and are especially prevalent in moist and humid areas where mosquitoes thrive, such as Alabama and the rest of the Deep South. Based on the potentially deadly effects and the high incidence rate in our area, the doctors at Bay Animal Clinic recommend yearly heartworm testing in accordance with the American Heartworm Society.

The doctors at BAC, using a blood test, can perform heartworm testing, and the results can be available during your appointment. Our doctors will also recommend an appropriate heartworm preventative for your pet during the examination. Please call Bay Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat today!