Hospice Care / Euthanasia

Bay Animal Clinic is committed to you and your pet from their very first appointment to as a baby to the end of their days as a senior. Bay Animal Clinic offers not only euthanasia services but also hospice care. What is hospice care? Hospice care is when medical staff does not take any steps towards a cure for your pet but rather they keep your pet comfortable through appropriate medicines and foods. Hospice can last from a few days to a few months. Hospice is a great way for you as the pet owner and your family to spend quality time with your pet and to say goodbye in your own time. When you feel it is time to let your pet pass Bay Animal Clinic will be there for you.

Euthanasia for animals is a painless, peaceful way to pass on for your pet. Our doctors will allow you to stay with your pet while we administer a series of medicines that will block pain, slow heart rate and finally stop the heart. Our staff will stay with you until you are ready to take your pet home for burial. We provide compassion and sympathy in this hard time for you and your family.