Bay Animal Clinic is excited to offer treatment for those animals who suffer from moderate to severe allergies that cause discomfort and pain to the pet. If you notice that your pet constantly bites itself, scratches and whimpers while scratching then you should call our hospital to set up an appointment. It is most likely that your pet is suffering from an allergy. There are several types of allergies our pets have including: flea allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies. Our doctors are well versed in treating these issues using not only medicine but also appropriate food choices and even medicated baths.

Bay Animal Clinic takes their treatment options one step further by offering allergen specific immunotherapy. This is a treatment program where your pet is injected with small doses of the allergen they are having issues with and it is given over time in larger doses to keep the allergen from affecting the pet everyday. This is not a cure but rather an ongoing treatment program.

If you are interested in immunotherapy options for your pet please call Bay Animal Clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.