Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Corona Virus outbreak mean for me and my pet?
What if my pet has an after-hours emergency?

Bay Animal Clinic has after-hours care from Monday to Friday 6pm-7:30am as well as Saturday 12pm-Monday 7:30am.

After-hours and weekend emergencies are shared between 4 local hospitals collectively. (Bay Animal Clinic, Rankin Animal Clinic, Parvin Animal Clinic and Colony Animal Clinic) Participating hospitals take turns sharing the emergency duty. Clinic phones are forwarded to an answering service that fields the calls and then forwards messages on to the doctor on duty, so clients simply call the regular phone number of their regular vet. Cases are seen at the home hospital of the doctor on call for that day.

How often should my pet have an exam and blood work?

Bay Animal Clinic suggests that you bring your pet in for a routine exam at least twice a year and perform blood work once a year.

Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

Proper dental health ensures that your pet stays healthy by keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Abscesses, infected gums and broken teeth can all lead to serious illness if not treated by a professional.

How important is nutrition for my pet?

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight and eating the proper foods is essential to having a long quality life. If your pet is suffering from obesity or food allergies, Bay Animal Clinic can help you choose the correct foods and portion sizes to keep your pet happy and healthy.

How long should I wait to bring my pet in if I notice a change in behavior?

Changes in behavior can signal an illness or injury. If you notice that your pet is lethargic, aloof or in some cases, aggressive, you should bring your pet in right away for an exam.

At what age should I have my pet spayed and neutered?

For cats: 4-5 months of age

Small breed dogs: 5-6 months of age

Large breed dogs: over 9 months of age.

However, Bay Animal Clinic recommends that the age of spay or neuter should be tailored each pet's specific needs. We encourage our clients to please call and consult with one of our doctors or licensed veterinary technicians in regard to the appropriate age to spay or neuter their pet.

What are heartworms and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

Heartworms are a potentially deadly parasite that is transferred from animal to animal by an infected mosquito. Prevention is the best treatment for heartworms. Monthly doses of heartworm preventative are available for purchase at Bay Animal Clinic.

What financing options do you offer and is payment expected at time of service?

Payment is due at the time of service, but we accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We accept Care Credit for clients that need or prefer extended payment options or financing.