The skin is the body's largest organ. Animals, like humans, may develop a wide variety of dermatological abnormalities caused by congenital defects, genetic influences, infectious agents, nutritional imbalances, trauma, allergic conditions, ectoparasites, and neoplasia. In many cases, skin conditions may be zoonotic, that is, they may be contagious from animals to humans (and possibly vice versa).

It is a common sight to see a dog or cat scratching or licking themselves, however did you know that excessive licking and scratching is a sign of a possible allergy or infection? The veterinarians at Bay Animal Clinic are well practiced at recognizing skin issues through the use of physical exam and microscopic examination from skin scrapings. If you happen to notice that your pet is chewing at themselves with or without whining then you should call our clinic to find them relief right away. Treatments for dermatological issues range from oral pills to allergy injections to hypoallergenic foods and treats. Call Bay Animal Clinic if you feel your pet may be suffering from skin problems.